Advertising rates

Advertise your business on and get exposure throughout our network of business directories and trade portals.

We build websites for a living. Each website features a specific market segment ranging from Accounting to Zebra Capturing. When you advertise on, your display adverts are randomly circulated throughout our network sites, giving you 10  times more exposure than having a listing on just one site.

We have standard display advert sizes (in px), based on the IAB standards. Pricing is included below.

These are:

  1. Leaderboards – 728 x 90 – R1 500 per month
  2. Block ads – 300 x 250 – R995 per month
  3. Button ads – 125 x 125 – R495 per month

Design of artwork

The advertising rates do not include the actual display advert. You can either send us a design you had made by your own designers, or you could ask us to give you a quote.

Impressions and Clicks

All our display adverts are tracked and we can send you a weekly or monthly report on the performance of your advertising campaign.

Impressions are the number of times your advert was served (visible) on a website.

Clicks are the number of times a reader actually clicked on your ad. Clicks does not represent “reading your own website” as it greatly depend on the time your site takes to load. Slow loading sites may cause a reader to abandon the search and return to the site of origin.

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